Tyler's Blog (Creed Thoughts Uncensored)

Sunday Morning, May 24th 2020 1:28 AM, City of Baltimore

So I started my own website for the first time since 1997 I think. This is so much better than facebook. We always had everything facebook did, even back then, you just did it in a different way. Except no snitching, reporting, 30 day post blocks, deactivated profiles, terms of service, moderators, bans, drama, bullshit. It was yours. My roommate died a week ago. I found him dead. That was awful. I'm still coping with the loss. We were close friends. Dad moved in with me. He was having trouble. He's doing better and so am I. Baltimore's been good for him, which is bizarre but true. He's getting more sleep, water, less alcohol, better food, better exercise. He's already walking better. The money situation is dire but things are looking up. I have my own website again. That right there is a reason to celebrate. I can't see who reads this. Who likes it or dislikes it, or ignores it entirely. It feels more mentally healthy. More tomorrow night.

Sunday Morning, May 24th 2020 11:50 AM, City of Baltimore

Watching Plan 9 From Outer Space on Rifftrax with my dad. They spent extra effort on the jokes for this one. I have to go make lunch. Probably just going to warm up some soup. I really miss doing Vanellopegang shenanigans with Vexbundy. She's my best friend as well. I'm really excited we're learning HTML and making one of these old ass websites from my high school years. I just realized I need to learn how to link an email address to the home page. And I still have my Livejournal Archive from 2000-2007 in my gmail drive. I really should copy and paste that entire thing on my website for posterity. I'll do that later today. Still need to help dad do his taxes.